Friday, March 16, 2018

Chandigarh International Airport To Remain Completely Shut For 20 Days in May 2018

Chandigarh International Airport is all set to lose its aerial connectivity by remaining completely shut for 20 days in the month of May this year. Due to major expansion works and projects, Chandigarh International Airport has scrapped the flight schedule for May 2018. Losing over 1 lac travellers along with a great deal of monetary loss to the airlines, the Airports Authority of India, i.e. AAI has informed them well in advance about the same.

So, for all those who were planning their itinerary via Chandigarh International Airport, it is time to re-schedule your plans. Know details about Chandigarh International Airport being closed along with dates and details herein.

As the airport shall be completely shut for at least 3 weeks, travellers now shall have to plan their outings in the peak summer travel season again. The Chandigarh International Airport shall remain closed from May 12, 2018 to May 31st this year. The airlines have been have been notified about the closure of Chandigarh International Airport in advance for them to be prepared for the same.

Serving as the air base for Indian Air Force along with civilian flights, Chandigarh International Airport was previously shut in February this year. This was done to enhance the 9000 ft runway to 12000 ft. Although some of the expansion work was completed in February. The pending remaining work of expansion of Chandigarh International Airport shall be accomplished in the next closure of May 2018 now.
16/03/18 Oberoi Aneesha/Chandigarh Metro