Tuesday, March 13, 2018

CM Mamata Banerjee trip hits airport passengers

Bagdogra: Hundreds of passengers often run into trouble when it comes to boarding flights or even entering the premises during VIP movement at north Bengal’s only airport at Bagdogra.

The scene was no different on Monday as the airport witnessed unprecedented security arrangements for chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s visit.

Passengers have been complaining of the “acute problems” they face in boarding scheduled flights due to the heavy rush vehicles, often belonging to party leaders and followers in the airport area, it is learnt.

Party leaders and followers often reach the airport to welcome Miss Banerjee, who frequently visits north Bengal, through Bagdogra Airport.

Departing passengers were seen running helter-skelter and confused as they tried to enter the airport terminal on Monday. Passengers who had arrived from different destinations also bore the brunt as most of the cars that had come to pick them up were not allowed even inside the airport gate.

“The police told me they have arranged for parking outside the gate, far from the even the main gate and the national highway. How can the arriving passengers walk all the way to the highway with the luggage they carry?” lamented a man who was not allowed to enter the gate to pick his relatives.

Once inside the airport premises, passengers were also barred from moving normally, thanks to the barricades and ropes that the police used to “sterilise” certain areas.
13/03/18 Statesman