Thursday, March 08, 2018

Over-bhooked? Soon, food court at Ahmedabad Airport

Ahmedabad: Ever envied Mumbai and Delhi airports for the wide variety of food choices available to fliers? Well, here’s some good news: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International airport too is set to get a food court along with an airline lounge for frequent and business class fliers. Soon, fliers can gorge on idli-vada-sambar, bhaji-pau, chholebhature, chat, biryani and burgers at the food court to be set up in a 500 sqm area.
Passengers, particularly those who are forced to wait longer hours in case of flight delays, had been complaining about limited food options at the airport. But that will be history now. The food court and the lounge are expected to come up in the next three months. IT professional Jainam Mehta, who travels frequently to Europe said, “I usually take early morning flights and have to rush to the airport without having breakfast.
Unfortunately the airport only has a tea stall and a burger outlet which is not exactly a good breakfast option. I think having local brands and refreshments would be great for fliers.” Talking about his plans, Airport Director Manoj Gangal said, “We have awarded the order to an agency after completing the tendering process. I expect the food court and the airline lounge to come up within three months.
This is part of our efforts to improve facilities for the passengers. As a recognition of our hard work, Ahmedabad airport has also been awarded the Most Improved Airport in Asia-Pacific region.” Nishat Brahmbhatt, a frequent flier who works with a food processing unit, says that with a food court consuming its existing space, the airport must create more areas for passenger movement.
“Even with the existing air traffic, the airport gets crowded if two flights land around the same time. Security checkins are also crowded. A food court will only add to the space crunch. I hope the authorities are thinking of increasing the free space for smooth passenger movement.” Gangal said that two new aerobridges too will be operational at the international terminal in the next two days.
The terminal already has two aerobridges at present; two more would make boarding and disembarking more convenient for passengers. Award for Ahmedabad airport In a survey conducted by Airports Council International (ACI) about Airport Service Quality (ASQ), Ahmedabad airport scored 4.8 points out of 5, the highest in Asia-Pacific region. The survey was done under 33 different parameters such as accessibility to terminal building, improvement in cleanliness, ambience and other facilities.
08/03/18 Alok Brahmbhatt/Ahmedabad Mirror