Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Ryanair offers cheaper training to pilots after staffing troubles

London: Ryanair has cut the price of a course for new pilots to fly its 737 planes, the Irish budget airline's operations chief said on Wednesday, as it tries to avoid more staffing problems.
Ryanair was forced to cancel thousands of flights last year as it did not have enough standby pilots to ensure the smooth running of its schedule.

While Ryanair has denied there was a pilot shortage, chief operations officer Peter Bellew told reporters the move would help Ryanair grow without fresh problems.

"What we're going to do now for the next couple of years is we're going to get ahead of the game," he said, adding that even if Ryanair chose to expand a bit quicker than planned, "we're not going to have any limiting resource around pilots."Pilots wishing to join Ryanair will have to pay 5,000 euros ($6,200) for their so-called type rating course to fly the 737, down from 29,500 euros.

A type rating determines which kind of planes pilots fly, often a 737 or an A320 at Europe's low cost carriers, and is done after gaining an airline transport licence.
The price varies from airline to airline and is not included in the fees for training at pilot schools, which can be around 80,000 pounds.

Bellew said Ryanair had also reactivated links with pilot training schools and ordered seven new simulators. Cancellations, which started last September, sparked a pilot revolt, prompting Ryanair to recognise unions for the first time.

Chief executive Michael O'Leary said on Tuesday that talks with unions could cause some disruption to flights in Ireland and Portugal in the coming months .
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