Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sparks fly over state’s contribution to Chandigarh airport

Chandigarh: Members of Treasury Benches and those of opposition parties sparred today over the state’s contribution to the Chandigarh international airport even as the government maintained that the proposal to develop the Hisar aerodrome as an international airport had not been dropped.
Replying to a question on the fate of the Hisar international airport during the Question Hour, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ram Bilas Sharma said that Rs 201 crore had been provided in the Budget for airport development in Haryana which was 610 per cent more than previous allocation.
BJP MLA Aseem Goel said that while the Budget for Haryana’s airports was indeed commendable, he said that the state had been cheated when it came to the Chandigarh international airport.
“In the previous government, the state gave its contribution for an airport that had practically no benefit for Haryana. We have no share in the airport other than the funds we gave. Is there any proposal to make an expressway from Ambala and Panchkula to the airport so that residents of Haryana can also benefit?” he asked.
13/03/18 Geetanjali Gayatri/Tribune