Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Woman pilot calls for emergency landing, saves 58

Bengaluru: A  prompt decision taken by a 32-year-old woman pilot to divert the flight and land an Air India flight at the table-top runway of the Mangaluru Airport saved the lives of 58 passengers aboard the aircraft.

The investigation probing the emergency landing incident at Mangaluru Airport involving an Air India Airbus flight between Mumbai and Kochi on February 27, 2017 has praised the efforts of the pilot in command who is an Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL) holder.

“The flight crew were appropriately qualified. The pilot declared emergency during cruise when there was rapid increase in cabin altitude due to cabin pressurisation failure. The decision to divert and land the aircraft at Mangaluru was appropriate. The pilot made a safe emergency landing. There was no injury to any of the aircraft occupants and also there was no damage to the aircraft,” the report stated.

On February 27, 2017, the Air India flight A1-681 with 58 passengers aboard took from Mumbai and was headed towards Kochi. The aircraft developed a snag mid-air and was forced to descend and make an emergency landing at Mangaluru.

“When the aircraft was cruising at flight level (FL) 390, ‘Air Pack 1’ overheat fault appeared followed by ‘Air Pack 1’ fault. There was an increase in cabin altitude. A lower altitude was requested from the air traffic control (ATC ). Before the descent could be commenced, there was a rapid increase in cabin pressure altitude. Mayday was declared and emergency descent was commenced. Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitor (ECAM) action and paper checklist was carried out. Oxygen masks were also deployed,” the report stated.
13/03/18 Hemanth CS/Bangalore Mirror