Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Airbus looks to increase composite sourcing from India

Airbus is actively looking at increasing its sourcing of composites—the most critical material that goes into making aircraft lighter and more fuel efficient—from India, said a senior executive in a recent interview.

The suppliers being looked at include the Adani Group which is actively setting up capabilities in this segment, Ashish Saraf, Airbus' vice president for industry development, strategic partnerships and offsets told ET.

Airbus has a total of 46 suppliers in India. It’s sourcing from India last year totalled over $550 million. Sourcing of composites will significantly increase this number.

“The new area that we are looking to do is composites. We see a good supply base developing in India for that segment. Composites is a very high-tech, super-speciality manufacturing area. And it’s growing a lot as the presence of composites in airplanes these days is significantly higher than the previous years,” said Saraf, who is dubbed Airbus’ “Make in India” man.
03/04/18 Anirban Chowdhury/Economic Times