Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Catch them young: Vistara’s comic book to train future corporate flyers

Recalling memories of not too long ago, journeys for most children began with comic books – be it at a bustling railway platform where the din of the public merged with noises from the train’s engine – or the sterile hum of an airport terminal punctuated by flight announcements.

Somewhere along the way, however, technology caught up and the ubiquitous Tinkle Digest or Archie’s Comics, among many others, were slowly replaced by smartphones, laptops and tablets. So much so that some airlines don’t even have a conventional in-flight magazine anymore.

Which is why Vistara’s introduction of a comic book for children on its flights came as a pleasant surprise. The Tata-Singapore Airlines-operated carrier began giving out Airborne at its check-in counters to young fliers beginning last month. The 16-page comic tells the story of a family heading to Goa for a vacation, and the peg is the children learning the various aspects and guidelines associated with air travel. The story and design were done by Fulki Communications, a branding and communications company.

“Airplanes fascinate almost every child in the world, but questions around air travel continue to tickle our brains even as an adult,” said Rashmi Soni, Vice-President and Head of Corporate Communications, Vistara, adding: “As India is maturing as an air-travel market, we felt a sense of responsibility to educate and sensitise future corporate travellers and frequent flyers so that they grow up to become more considerate flyers.”
03/04/28 Mirza Mohammed Ali Khan/Business Line