Thursday, April 12, 2018

HC seeks report on installation of SALS at Srinagar Airport

Srinagar:  The State High Court today sought information about the installation of Simple Approach Lighting System (SALS) at Srinagar International Airport for smooth air services.
The information has been sought after the court has been informed that the equipments for installation of (SALS) has been procured and work on the project be started within a months period.
The statement has been made by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) through its counsel and in this regard an allotment order has already been placed before the court.
After the tendering process for the project allotment order has been issued on January 27 and as per the statement of counsel of  the AAI the work be completed in near future.
It may be mentioned that Court had directed the Airport Authority of India (AAI) to proceed with the execution of works on International Airport Srinagar and do not wait for Court orders so that visibility is improved for smooth air service.
It is Indian Air Force who in response to the status report of the AAI had stated that AAI  has to undertake the execution of said work and the IAF is confined only to the provisions of defence land for such proposed works.
IAF had stated that it has not refused to undertake the said work through MES. However, MES had expressed their inability to undertake the SALS installation work as they do not have expertise to handle such specialized project. Court after these submission directed AAI counsel to execute the work without any delay or the Director of AAI would face consequences.
Hearing suo-moto cognizance initiated by Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey and thereafter treated as public interest by the then Chief Justice of the State in view of public interest involved in the matter, the court had directed the AAI to launch the SALS with a time frame as per the affidavit of AAI.
12/04/18 Dailyexcelsior