Wednesday, April 04, 2018

IAF to surrender 15 disused airfields; convert 24 more such airfields into weapon storage areas

New Delhi: Indian Air Force has identified 15 disused airfields, including one in Karnataka, which would be handed over to other government agencies for use.

These are among the 39 old airfields that the IAF has in its possession for decades, but didn't use. With space at a premium, the defence ministry has opened up to the idea of handing some of these defunct stations to others for their use.

Out of the 15, as many as four including Raichur in Karnataka are still managed by the IAF. Other three are Sarbhog in Assam; Pandaveshvar in West Bengal and Diu.

One of them (Pallel in Manipur) is under the Army and Akbarpur in Uttar Pradesh is being managed by the state government.

The remaining 9 airfields are being looked after by the Defence Estate Organisation. They are at Salboni and Andal (West Bengal); Sookerating in Assam; Hathwa in Bihar, Iradatganj and Shahbazquli in Uttar Pradesh; Mohanbatta in Chhattisgarh; Bobbili in Andhra Pradesh and Chettinad in Tamil Nadu.

Out of 39 disused airfields, 15 airfields will be surrendered. "The remaining 24 disused airfields are planned to be utilised for creating IAF infrastructure like weapons storage areas, radars and missile operation locations, helipads and communication hubs," IAF informed a panel of lawmakers.
03/04/18 Kalyan Ray/Deccan Herald