Friday, April 13, 2018

Indigo Spat: Repeated Fiascos Will Corrode Brand Value: Experts

Indigo Airlines yet again found itself in choppy waters after it offloaded a passenger from the flight as he complained of mosquitoes. The government has ordered an inquiry after a Bengaluru-based doctor was removed from an IndiGo flight on Monday, after a row which started when he complained about mosquitoes.

According to media reports, Dr Saurabh Rai said the flight was full of mosquitoes and when he complained, he was manhandled by the crew and threatened before being offloaded. "I heard the crew saying, 'If you have a problem with mosquitoes then why don't you leave India?" he said.

The airline on their part said that Rai "attempted to instigate other passengers on board to damage the aircraft, and used words such as hijack".

"Such actions are absolutely unacceptable, and there is zero tolerance for such threatening language on board an aircraft. Hence, keeping in mind applicable safety protocols, the crew apprised the pilot-in-command, who decided to offload Mr Rai from the flight," Indigo said in a statement.

The airline found itself at the receiving end of public uproar over more complaints of mosquitoes as the incident took over Twitter. Earlier too, IndiGo had received flak for another incident of man-handling a passenger. Olympic winner-shuttler, PV Sindhu had also claimed that a crew member had misbehaved with her.