Monday, April 09, 2018

Iranian couple held with fake passport at Kempegowda International Airport


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Bengaluru: :Alert immigration officials at the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) on Sunday caught an Iranian couple possessing fake Spanish passports just before they were about to board a British Airways flight to London.

The duo was desperate to reach Spain for medical treatment and took the help of someone in Bangkok to ready fake passports and other documents establishing them as Spanish citizens before reaching Bengaluru airport to head to Spain via London.

According to airport police, immigration officials suspected the behaviour of  38-year-old Golboustami Waheed and his wife Organelles Saddighpour Ammadiyeh and took them for questioning when they were completing the formalities to board the British Airways flight (BA 118) to London, which departs at 7 am. 
“The passports were found to be fake by immigration authorities. On sustained interrogation the couple spilled the beans,” another cop said.“The couple suffered from weakness of nerves and it affected their daily functioning enormously. They were desperate to regain strength in their nerves and someone in Iran had told them that free treatment for this health ailment was offered in Spain. So, to reach Spain somehow, they gave money to unscrupulous elements who created Spanish passports for them,” the cop added.

After receiving the fake Spanish passports at Bangkok, they flew to India and spent a few days in Gaya and Mumbai before reaching Bengaluru to board the London flight.After confirming their documents were fake, the couple was handed over by immigration officials to the airport police at 10.15 am on Sunday.
09/04/18 S. Lalitha/New Indian Express