Sunday, April 15, 2018

Jet Senior Vice President Edward Davidson resigns

Mumbai: As if the pilot unrest it was facing was not enough, Jet Airways’ recently appointed senior vice-president Edward Davidson has resigned. Davidson, an aviation veteran of 40 years, joined in February this year and was specifically roped in by Jet at a time when the airline is not only facing massive pilot unrest, but is also trying to hire extensively as it expands its fleet and adds a new aircraft, the Boeing 737-Max. Davidson was given a mandate to get the airline’s flight operations on track and get the nearly 2,000 pilots at the airline aligned with the management.

Jet did not respond to a query by FE on the resignation, but sources in the airline confirmed the news. It is believed that there is a notice period of about three months that Davidson will have to serve. “It seems that there were major differences between Jet’s top brass and Davidson about how flight operations at the airline are to be managed and what is the way forward,” said sources.

The news will definitely send wrong signals in the market, as Jet goes about hiring nearly 400 pilots. In a recent mail addressed to Jet’s Boeing 737 pilot fleet to allay their grievances, as reported by FE on March 16, Davidson talked about some fundamental changes that he was about to bring in flight training, reassessment of the training programme, professionalism, training capabilities and standardisation. “This is being done with a view to ensuring both regulatory compliance and maintenance of the highest quality. You deserve nothing less as professional aviators,” he had stated.
15/04/18 Financial Express