Thursday, April 05, 2018

Parking problem continues to haunt Dabolim airport

The Airport Authority of India (AAI) officials fought a lengthy battle to ensure that airline passengers arriving to Goa airport are provided an alternate mode of public transport and with the launch of the car rental counter at Dabolim airport, despite stiff resistance from the yellow black taxi union, they seem to have achieved their objective.
Obviously, the new facility would provide immense relief to the airline passengers arriving at the airport, as they would now have the choice of transport. However another problem seems to have gained roots in form of parking space and problems thereof.
With the plying of additional taxis, the traffic management at the international airport would come under a greater challenge, going by the struggle and chaotic situations witnessed here.
Ironically, if something is not done soon, this problem too may inflate beyond the taming capacity of the airport authorities.
Policemen managing traffic at the airport were of the opinion that the airport authority should have waited for some more time till the parking issues were resolved, before launching  the new car rental counter at the airport.
“AAI have waited for several years to resolve the parking issue. Why has it suddenly made haste in launching the car rental counter is a big question, as the existing taxi operators and other airport users have been struggling to find parking space, but the issue aside AAI opened a new car rental counter, making the situation messy,” a senior police officer from Dabolim airport police station said under condition of anonymity.
Stakeholders from tourism industry, however, think differently, though they also want AAI and the State government to resolve parking issue at the airport.
05/04/18 Herald