Saturday, April 07, 2018

This airline has introduced its first male cabin crew

One of India’s full-service air carriers Vistara has introduced its first male cabin crew to the skies. The crew is a mix of an experienced and new team who are going up in the air following a rigorous three-month safety and service training program. According to Vistara, this is the first time that there has been a mix of male and female crew up in the air.

“As we expand and prepare for international operations, we are delighted to introduce our first male cabin crew on select flights starting today,” Sanjiv Kapoor, Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer at Vistara. “We are an equal opportunity employer, and it has always been our intent to have male cabin crew once we reached a certain scale of operations where we could efficiently roster and deploy mixed crew. Like our female cabin crew, our male cabin crew will deliver Vistara’s brand promise of providing seamless excellence to our customers through a unique, thoughtful, and personalized experience that reflects the exacting standards of Tata and Singapore Airlines.”

The airline is currently training two more male cabin crew. Image by Vistara
The company also unveiled the crew’s uniform which was created by celebrated designer label Lecoanet Hemant. It features a light lavender-coloured shirt, along with midnight blue tailored-fit trousers and a classic, sleeveless Mandarin-collar jacket with a pale gold pocket square.

According to the airline, the new uniform complements Vistara’s “unique, elegant, and practical female crew uniform”. A second and third set of male crew is currently in training and are soon to join the first team.
06/04/18 Una-Minh Kavanagh/Lonely Planet