Saturday, April 28, 2018

Vistara, Adobe partner to deliver enhanced customer experience

At Adobe Symposium 2018, Vistara announced a strategic alliance with Adobe to leverage next generation technology in Adobe Experience Cloud to bolster the company’s end customer experiences. As part of this partnership, Vistara aims to augment its digital transformation journey by leveraging the power of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign to drive a range of technological advancements that will strengthen the company’s data foundation and enable personalised experiences for Club Vistara members.
Adobe Symposium 2018 is India’s biggest digital marketing event and is taking place in Mumbai today. Speaking at the event on the role of technology in helping marketers become ‘experience makers’, Ravinder Singh, chief information and innovation officer, Vistara said, “World over, the aviation industry has always been amongst the most customer-experience oriented, and the onset of today’s digital revolution has brought technology to the front and centre of customer experience strategies. At Vistara, technology has played a key role in enabling business goals and customer experiences, and a solid digital presence has been integral to our strategy since the beginning of operations. Our frequent flyer program Club Vistara has carved a niche for itself among all segment of travellers including boardroom high fliers, and the digital experience we deliver to program members is core to our focus. We’re excited to partner with Adobe to strengthen Vistara’s digital footprint with cutting-edge data analytics and content management platforms. We are confident this association will help us deliver a superior experience to Club Vistara members.”
27/04/18 Computerworld