Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Air India flight from Jeddah delayed by 10 hours

Mangaluru: An arriving from to Mangaluru via Mumbai on Friday was delayed by 10 hours, leaving the passengers in the lurch. The flight was ferrying many people who will be voting in the elections on Saturday, said sources.
According to a source in Air India, the aircraft was scheduled to arrive at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai at 5am from King Abdulaziz International Airport in . However, it reached its destination only at 3pm.

According to the website, the connecting flight from Mumbai was scheduled to leave the airport at 10.25am and reach the at 12pm. However, as the passengers from Saudi Arabia reached late, they were given two options– either to travel to the Calicut International Airport, , and then take a connecting flight to Mangaluru or take the Mumbai-Mangaluru direct flight, both of which are on Saturday.

The flight from Mumbai is scheduled to leave at 6.50am on Saturday and reach Kozhikode at 8.45am, while the direct flight from Mumbai to Mangaluru is scheduled to leave at 10.25am and arrive at 12pm.
16/05/18 Kaplan Herald