Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Banned: ten trolley 'uncles' at airport

Dum Dum: Ten airport trolley handlers who had stayed on past their retirement age to act as touts have been banished from the terminal in the first crackdown on a union-backed workforce that refuses to fall in line.

Contractors managing passenger amenities at the airport get replaced at routine intervals but their employees had until recently enjoyed the privilege of permanence and immunity from punishment for shirking.

A change in strategy apparently did what years of trying to discipline employees had failed to achieve. The airport authorities sent a list of 10 trolley handlers to the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security with a note that they had crossed the retirement age and so should not be given security passes to gain entry into the terminal.

"These 10 trolley handlers have been unable to enter the integrated terminal since last month and are no longer receiving wages," a senior airport official said. "We have made it clear to all contract workers that the rules need to be followed. This seems to have brought about a change in the attitude of the other 70 trolley handlers."

The retirement age of workers hired by NIS, the company that currently holds the contract for trolley management, is 58. The previous contractors had employed people under similar terms but were unable to implement those in the face of pressure from the Trinamul-affiliated union.

"Three of the 10 trolley handlers barred from the terminal are 62, going by the dates of birth mentioned in their Aadhaar cards. Another three are almost 60 and four have crossed the retirement age of 58," the airport official said.
16/05/18 Sanjay Mandal/Telegraph