Sunday, May 13, 2018

Chandigarh airport shut for over 3 weeks from today

Mumbai: In a major bad news for air passengers travelling to or from Chandigarh, it has been revealed they will face difficulties from today onwards, as the state's International Airport has been shut from May 12 till May 31. There will be no flights operating during these days. It comes as a major issue, as the airport will be closed for more than three weeks starting from Saturday and that too during the summer holiday season rush. Now passengers will have to find another source of travelling to the region. Airlines will face issues as their operations will not be allowed during these time. The reason for shut down is because of second phase runway repair which will take place during this period.

A spokesman of the Chandigarh International Airport Limited (CHIAL) said, "After the completion of the second phase of runway re-carpeting/repair work, the runway length will increase to 10,400 feet from earlier 7,200 feet. This upgradation would facilitate long haul flights from Chandigarh to destinations like USA, Canada, Europe, UK and other places".

The spokesman added, "During this period, no flight will operate from Chandigarh. There will not be any further closure after May 31, 2018."
12/05/18 ZeeBiz