Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Couple leaves behind kid at Delhi airport

New Delhi:  In a bizarre case, a couple forgot their four-year-old daughter at the Delhi airport.
The upset girl, unable to find her parents, began crying. When the CISF approached her to ask why she was crying, it learnt that she was all alone.
The girl was able to identify her parents in the CCTV footage, which showed them leaving the airport terminal.
The CISF acted promptly and was able to reach out to the couple. Following through investigation, the CISF handed over the child to the parents.
The incident occurred at 9:25pm on Monday. Sulabh and Sneha Bhatia, the girl's parents, boarded a Spicejet flight from Jaipur. They were checking out from Delhi's Terminal-1. In a hurry to pick their luggage from the conveyor belt, they forgot about the child and left the terminal without her.
16/05/18 Navbharat Times/Times of India