Monday, May 14, 2018

Decision to close Chandigarh International Airport leaves passengers high and dry

The decision to shut down Chandigarh International Airport for 20 days has left the passengers high and dry. The airport has been closed for air traffic due to a runway expansion.

There will be no flights between Chandigarh and New Delhi besides other places between May 12 to May 31. The decision has hit 32 Chandigarh bound flights and people who want to take international flights including Bangkok, Sharjah and Dubai will be required to travel to Delhi.

The security guards posted outside the Chandigarh airport have barricaded all the roads leading to the airport. Despite the closure, a number of people are still reaching the airport. One of the security guards Ramanjit Singh told us that the runway has been closed from Saturday and it will now be opened on June 1.

"Though most of the people are aware of the closure but people of nearby areas including tourists are still reaching the airport. We are sending them back," says Ramanjit Singh.
13/05/18 Manjeet Sehgal/India Today