Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Flight delays cause confusion at airport

Bad weather in Delhi resulted in flight delays and at least 15 flight diversions to Ahmedabad. Passengers flying out the city had to cancel their flights or wait for over eight hours at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. The cascading effect continued on Monday resulting in delays and cancellations.

As many as 70 flights that were scheduled to reach Delhi on Sunday had to be diverted due to the thunderstorm. This resulted in disruption to air traffic at Ahmedabad airport too. With 15 unexpected flights to city airport on Sunday morning, passengers departing from here had to wait for over 8 hours due to unclear communication from airlines.

Because of his medical condition he could not wait for long at Ahmedabad airport and planned for another flight for Tuesday offered by the airline. “I had a renal transplant last year and am on immunosuppressant, so hygiene especially at washrooms is extremely critical for me. I called up Vistara multiple times for clarity or to move me to another flight but there was no response apart from a customary customer service response.”

Talking about his flight delay he said, “I was in Ahmedabad with my wife to attend a friend’s housewarming. It is my birthday today so we wanted to be back in time to celebrate with the family. We left for airport at 6pm to catch 8.25pm flight and received a message at 6.05 that flight has been delayed to 11pm. We were already aware of the storm in Delhi so this did not come as a surprise.
We returned to the hotel. We started again at 9 pm, we received another message at 9.20 pm that the flight has been rescheduled to 1.15am. Since we were close to the airport we decided to reach and check at the counter. The lady at the booking counter told us that the flight was delayed but it will definitely take off at 1.15 am.”

The couple waited outside the airport and again checked with the airline staff around 11pm. “I checked my flight’s status around 11.30pm, it showed cancelled. Even Google showed it cancelled after a while. That is when passengers lost their cool and started screaming slogans against the airline. I spoke to a ground staffer Nikita and explained my health condition to her.

She took about an hour but arranged tickets for Tuesday evening for us. “I was stuck in Ahmedabad for my birthday. This meant two more days in hotel and more expenditure.”
15/05/18 Ahmedabad Mirror