Thursday, June 07, 2018

AAI commissions full length runway at Surat airport

Surat: Following the approval of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the Surat airport authorities have commissioned the full length runway by keeping the displacement at Vesu end by 615 metre on Wednesday.
Official sources said the revised declared distances of 2,290 m at Vesu end and 2,905 m full-length runway at Dumas end is now available for aircraft operation. With this, the issue of load penalty has ended for the airlines operating at Surat airport, resulting in more economical airfares in the days to come.
Talking to TOI, airport director Dilip Sajnani said, “Now that the threshold has changed keeping in mind the 615 metre of displaced portion, the visual and night landing markings were revised and changed accordingly on Tuesday night. The night landing and visual markings are approved by the DGCA and the runway has been commissioned.”
Sajnani added, “The aircrafts flying to and from Surat will be able to use full length runway from Dumas side, while they will be able to use 2,290 metre from Vesu end due to the displacement of 615 metre as approved by the DGCA.”
Airlines operating from the Diamond City were facing unique problem, especially during the summer months, known as ‘load penalty’. This means booking seats less than available.
Suppose Air India is operating Airbus 319 between Surat and Delhi having capacity of 140 seats, it could actually accommodate only 105 to 106 passengers as load penalty, which is aimed at ensuring safe take-off at short runways. This would result in higher airfare for the passengers.
07/06/18 Times of India