Friday, June 08, 2018

After Air India Delays Salary, Pilot Union Plans Mass Non-Cooperation

New Delhi: The Indian Commercial Pilots' Association (ICPA), the pilots union of Air India, said they would stop complete cooperation with the management because of the delay in their salaries.

In a letter to the ICPA's Central Executive Committee (CEC), the Regional Executive Committee (REC) said the non-cooperation would continue until salary payment is regularised and normal functioning is restored.

"In the REC meeting held in Delhi on June 6, Delhi REC unanimously decided that no wages on time amount to financial stress and mental agony, thereby resulting in undue fatigue, which is severely affecting flight safety. With no notification about delayed salary payment, members are being hounded by financial institutions constantly, severely affecting their day to day life," the letter read.
"Keeping in view of the above consideration, REC has decided to STOP Complete Co-Operation with the Management till the time salary payment is regularized and normal functioning is restored," it added.
The committee further claimed that the airline management has prioritised the interest of its current employees "much below" that of its retired employees, thereby stagnating the morale and career progression of its serving workforce.
08/06/18 ANI/NDTV