Saturday, June 16, 2018

AI tightens belt: Travel by metro whenever possible; auto and not taxi fares for those leaving office late

New Delhi: Air India has put in place several cost-cutting measures due to fund crunch. The airline, in an order issued last week, decided no overtime will be paid in non-operational areas. "However, if under any exceptional situation staff is required for any exigency of work, overtime/late sitting will be authorized by the ED of the Region," an order issued by AI director (finance) V Hejmadi on June 11 says.
In order to ensure optimal utilisation, Air India has ordered that all "crew flying less than the minimum guaranteed hours must be rostered to ensure they fly up to 70 hours in a month. Any refusal to operate the flight after rostering should be recorded and advised for action as per agreement.
The airline will encourage its employees to use the metro to cut down on "huge amount (of expense) incurred by way of conveyance reimbursements to staff/officers. There is an immediate need to monitor and control the avoidable conveyance expenses and staff/officers should be encouraged to use Metro services wherever it is available," the order says.
15/06/18 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India