Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cash crunch: Pilots tell AI several planes lying idle for want of spares

New Delhi: Pilots of cash-strapped Air India have told their management that the airline’s “engineering department doesn’t have spares for repairing aircraft which are lying idle in the hangars. The situation is so bad that they don’t even have stickers to placard unserviceable items.”
The Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA), the union of erstwhile Indian Airlines’ pilots, said this in a letter to AI chairman P S Kharola on Saturday while registering their strong protest over the delayed salaries “for the fourth consecutive month”. “There has also been a trend in the past of paying flying allowances at a much later date than the basic salary. By not paying our flying allowance which is 80% of emoluments & salary on time you are disrespecting our professional capability. Financial uncertainty is a source of frustration, anxiety & stress all of which affect the overall performance levels of employees. This definitely does not augur well for any organization, especially not an airline,” ICPA said in the letter.
10/06/18 Times of India