Sunday, June 10, 2018

Chennai airport expansion hit as defence ministry refuses more land

Chennai: The airport will lose out on a chance to increase morning departures and airlines will lose a facility to maintain their planes and operate more services as the defence ministry has agreed to give only 8.5 acres of the 40 acres requested by Airports Authority of India (AAI) for building hangars and an apron near the second runway.
This is the first roadblock AAI has hit after it kicked off its Phase 2 expansion of the project to add more facilities on the airside to meet the increased demand for flights.
AAI was planning to build a few hangars, parking stands for planes by building an apron area by acquiring land from Officers Training Academy (OTA) as an extension of further development planned along with phase 2 expansion of the airport.
A senior official said, “We have asked defence to give 40acres of land but they have informed us that only 8.5 acre could be given as OTA will need the land for some of their work.”
“We may now have to cut down on a few facilities as the full extent of the land is not going to be available. The 40 acres is part of the 100 acres of land requested in parcels at different locations for setting up facilities as the government is yet to decide on the second airport,”he said.
He also said AAI would also lose revenue which it would have generated by renting the hangars to airlines.
10/06/18 Times of India