Saturday, June 16, 2018

Couples’ plans crash as Shimla heli-taxi fails to take-off

Mohali: The dusty weather conditions on Friday became a spoilsport for honeymooners as the heli taxi service to Shimla was cancelled on Friday. The airport spokesperson told TOI that the taxi did not arrive from Shimla.
The cancellation of heli taxi ruined the honeymoon of four couples who had booked the ride to Shimla. Heli taxis operated by Pawan Hans cater to 20 passengers who are flown to Shimla twice a week.
Anu and Aman Dhingra said they got recently married and had booked seats in the heli taxi to go to Shimla for their honeymoon, but their hopes were dashed when they learnt that the chopper did not arrive from Shimla due to bad weather conditions.
Similarly, Ranjana and Ajay Gupta of Patiala said that their honeymoon had already got delayed and with the service called off, their excitement came crashes down. Ranjana said, “We were thrilled to take a helicopter ride to Shimla as our honeymoon was already delayed, but our excitement was crushed when learned that the flight was cancelled. Now, we will go to Shimla by road.”
16/06/18 Barinderjit Saluja/Times of India