Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Delhi IGI Airport: 40 crucial obstacles to flight operations removed

New Delhi: Forty critical obstacles out of 365 on the approach and departure path for planes at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport here, which could have posed a hazard to flight operations, had been removed, sources in the airport said today.

They added that a fresh “check survey” would be carried out by the GMR-led Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) later this year to validate the findings of another survey conducted two years ago, which had identified 365 structures obstructing the flight path.

Most of these structures were in the form of permanent buildings and the only way to address the issue was through mitigation, the sources said.

For example, it could be done by fixing a light atop a building or modifying the building structure, they added.
“Our obligation is to identify the obstacles and ask the competent authorities such as the Airport Authority of India (AAI) to notify them,” a source said.

As a first step, DIAL is serving notices to various erring parties, while both DGCA and DIAL are working to remove the obstacles that are beyond the airport premises.
12/06/18 PTI/Financial Express