Wednesday, June 06, 2018

First phase of runway preservation project completed at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Hyderabad: Hyderabad International Airport Limited, which operates the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, on Wednesday said it recently completed the first phase of pavement preservation of its main runway, which will extend its life for several more years.

According to a press release, GMR said the airport has used a patented Airport Grade Steel Guard (AGSG) technology, which is an asphalt protective coat application designed to preserve and extend the life of existing asphalt pavement surfaces.

This innovative technology has quick-setting feature, which enables the runway take the load of normal air traffic after two hours of application in day-time and 45 minutes in between the layers' application, it said.

The project's first phase has taken care of almost one-third of the main runway.

During this period, the main runway was closed from 1100 hours to 1700 hours.
06/06/18 PTI/First Post