Saturday, June 09, 2018

GoAir hopping flight late by over 4 hours

Pune: A GoAir flight to the city from Nagpur and its onward journey from here to Bengaluru was delayed by over four hours each on Friday night for technical issues, leaving passengers frustrated.
The flight (G8-284) had a technical glitch at Nagpur, delaying its take-off for Pune to 1.15am instead of 8.45pm. The onward journey from Pune to Bengaluru was also delayed. The flight took off at 2.55am instead of 10.30pm.
A passenger, Satyajit Limaye, wrote on Twitter, “Complete chaos on GoAir flight from Nagpur to Pune. Flight aborted, noisy scenes inside the aircraft, compromising the safety and security of the passengers. Incorrect information being given to passengers.”
A passenger waiting for the flight at the Pune airport said it was highly frustrating. “Such long flight delays are routine now. I heard passengers were made to sit inside the plane for two hours at Nagpur. The airline doesn’t waste time terming passengers as unruly if they get frustrated over delays and get into a small argument,” he said.
09/06/18 Joy Sengupta/Times of India