Thursday, June 21, 2018

Jet Airways to suspend services from city to Chennai, Bengaluru

Coimbatore: Jet Airways has decided to suspend seven daily flight services from Coimbatore to Bengaluru and Chennai from July 1. The airline’s decision has drawn flak from industrialists as it would hit business opportunities in the district.
Industrialists said the suspension would lead to a loss of 25,000 seats a month. Besides affecting the connectivity between Chennai and Coimbatore, it would also lead to hike in fares. The move will affect business opportunities in Coimbatore as travelers from abroad will have to wait almost seven to eight hours to fly into the city from Chennai.
While confirming its decision, Jet Airways has not given any reasons for the move officially. Sources say it is part of the plan to shift ATR flights to smaller cities and airports under the UDAN, a regional air connectivity scheme launched by the Union government.
Former chairman of CII, Tamil Nadu, Ravi Sam said, “To our understanding, the services have been flying with a 90% to 92% occupancy. Cancelling them would mean the city losing 25,000 to 30,000 seats a month in an instant.”
“I am sure airlines like Vistara would love to enter the Coimbatore market in place of Jet Airways,” he said.
21/06/18 Times of India