Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Man on AI fight who deployed evacuation slide was first time flyer, let off with warning

New Delhi: The passenger who deployed the emergency slide of an Air India aircraft at Goa airport on Monday night has been let off with a warning. “He was a first time flyer and said he tried to open the door to get some fresh air as he was feeling suffocated. We have let him off with a warning and are not treating him as an unruly passenger,” said an AI official.
Air India’s Ahmedabad-Mumbai (AI 985) was among the 20-odd flights which could not approach Mumbai due to bad weather there. This flight got diverted to Goa. At the tarmac of Goa airport, a passenger seated in the emergency exit row got so restless and fidgety during the long wait for take off to Mumbai that he deployed the emergency evacuation slide.
When the crew asked him why he did so, he reportedly said he was feeling “suffocated and wanted some fresh air”! Once that happened, as per rules AI had to first get the chute re-installed before the Airbus A-321 could take off. This further delayed the flight.
The long delay started unfolding soon after the A-321 (VT-PPN) took off from Ahmedebad around 7.30 pm on Monday. After flying for half an hour, the crew was informed of bad weather in Mumbai and they circled for some time to see if things improve there. Finally with no sign of that happening, the plane was diverted to Goa where it landed at 9.40 pm, after two hours and 11 minutes.
While waiting in Goa, the passenger deployed the slide.
06/06/18 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India