Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Monsoon measures to check bird strikes at airport

Bhubaneswar: Birds pose a threat to aircraft movement, particularly during monsoon. Keeping this in mind, the authorities of Biju Patnaik International Airport (BPIA) here have initiated measures for effective bird control which is essential to keep the winged species at a safe distance from aircraft and prevent mishaps.The airport officials pointed out that during rainy season insects start breeding in the green fields located in the surroundings and along the runway. The insects and greenery provide an ideal habitat for the birds to breed and forage increasing the risk of bird-aircraft collision.

BPIA officials stressed that their motive is not to kill the birds, but disperse them from the area, including runway. “Our bird hazard control principal is based on 3D’s - detection, distraction and dispersal. We have procured two new six-shot launcher guns along with cartridges, two laser guns and 10 LPG-operated Zon guns,” BPIA Director Suresh Chandra Hota told The Express.The airport used to have about 24 departures everyday till last year and this year the departures have increased to 43 each day, following which the officials have braced up to avoid any bird-hit incident. Besides the new equipment, about eight scarecrows and reflectors have already been set-up at the airport to keep the birds away.
12/06/18 Asish Mehta/New Indian Express