Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pune airport to get two scanners

Pune: Customs authorities at Pune airport will get two modern scanners by the month end, which, they hope, will help them to nab gold smugglers.
Officials stated that smuggling attempts are expected to increase, possibly involving a new modus operandi, after Eid.
“The last catch took place on May 3 and after that there has been a lull. However, officers are on salert. We expect possible attempts involving a new modus operandi,” a customs official told TOI.
The official said that a team from the Electronic Corporation of India Limited recently visited the airport in connection with the installation of two high quality baggage scanning machines.
“The machines had been requested last year. We expect them by month end. With the new scanning machines, we will be in a better position to trace and catch smugglers,” another official pointed out.
On May 3, the customs authorities had caught a woman with gold worth around Rs 1 crore. The gold was in the form of a paste. Currently, the customs authorities in Pune have two scanners. One of them is used to scan checked-in baggage, while the other is used to scan hand baggage. However, the existing machines are almost 6 to 7 years’ old.
16/06/18 Times of India