Saturday, June 09, 2018

Taxi, auto drivers harass flyers

Patna: Flyers coming to Jayaprakash Narayan International (JPNI) Airport face inconvenience owing to unorganized taxi services. Local taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers surround them soon after the flyers come out of the terminal building.
Many flyers get irritated by the taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers, who mob them. “They almost force us to sit in their vehicles. We find it disturbing the way they shout around us,” one of the flyers said on Friday evening.
Others demanded separate lanes and counters for taxi drivers. “The mobbing by auto and taxi drivers leaves a bad impression on people who visit the city for the first time. Like airports in metropolitan cities and abroad, there should be separate lanes and counters for taxis and auto-rickshaws, preferably little away from the terminal building,” said Patna Women’s College student Samridhi Singh, who flies frequently with her parents.
09/06/18 Times of India