Sunday, July 08, 2018

AAI-Jaipur plans to cut 700 trees, activists up in arms

Jaipur: Revolting against a proposal by Airport Authority of India (AAI), Jaipur to cut down around 700 trees in a residential colony to make parking space for airport shuttle busses, environmentalists and NGOs are threatening to launch a protest like Chipko movement.
The activists said most of the trees, which have been marked, are fully grown and some of them are even close to sevendecades old. They said they will not let the authorities ‘murder’ the trees, home to many varieties of birds.
According to a letter given by the Airport Authority to the tehsildar (a copy of which is with TOI), they have asked permission to cut down 680 trees for making a parking space for aircraft though the officials claimed that they will follow all the guidelines required to clear the area of the trees.
08/07/18 Times of India