Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Air India Express aircraft overshoots ‘slippery’ runway by 10ft, no one hurt

Mumbai:  An Air India Express aircraft with 89 people onboard overshot the secondary runway at Mumbai airport by 10ft on landing on Tuesday. All passengers onboard the flight from Vijaywada were safe and the aircraft was not damaged.
“Mumbai has been experiencing continuous heavy rain and the reason for the poor slippery condition of the runway will be investigated,” said an Air India Express spokesperson. Mumbai Airport Pvt Ltd spokesperson did not comment on the incident.
On Tuesday, the 12,000ft long main runway was closed for maintenance for a few hours and aircraft were landing on the shorter 9,760ft long secondary runway 14/32. The Vijaywada-Mumbai flight IX-213 touched down at 2.51pm. Despite a rather forgiving crosswind of 18kmph, the Boeing 737-800 aircraft ran along the length of the runway to stop 10ft ahead on the paved stopway. The AI Express spokesperson said according to information sourced from the incident report filed by the cockpit crew, the aircraft had touched down within the touchdown zone and its pilots had used maximum braking, but the aircraft couldn’t come to a halt because the runway was slippery.
11/07/18 Manju V/Times of India