Monday, July 02, 2018

Boarding denied, Air India told to pay Rs 1.1 lakh

Hyderabad: Not all journeys have a happy ending. Then, imagine the plight of a family wanting to fly out of city to pay last respects to their dear one but unable to leave due to the fault of an airline operator. That’s exactly what happened to Bijay Kumar who resides in Kondapur. He and his family had to fly to hometown Ranchi as his mother had expired.

His friends booked three tickets in an Air India flight for him and his family from Hyderabad to Ranchi via Delhi. However, while doing a web check-in they realised that his son Gowtham Kumar’s name was repeated while Bijay Kumar’s name was omitted. Immediately, they brought the issue to the notice of the airlines via email. In a response, Air India claimed it was an error and the repeated name will be read as Bijay Kumar at the airport. 
However, on reaching the airport, the airlines denied boarding for Bijay Kumar. This, despite him showing the e-mail response from the airlines affirming his boarding. With requests not being considered and due to the emergency, the family booked tickets with Indigo Airlines to reach Delhi. 

Air India, meanwhile, issued boarding tickets from Delhi to Ranchi, but they could not board the Ranchi flight, which was leaving from the international terminal, on time. Eventually, they bought tickets on Indigo from Delhi to Ranchi and reached their home late in the evening. Due to the mishap, the family had to postpone the funeral service.

Agonised, Bijay Kumar approached the consumer forum, which ordered Air India to pay a sum of Rs 1.14 lakh to the consumer for deficiency in services. This includes a reimbursement of Rs 64,188 he spent on Indigo tickets, a compensation of Rs 50,000 and court charges of Rs 10,000.
02/07/18 Ajay Moses/New Indian Express