Thursday, July 19, 2018

Chennai airport has lowest peak hour departures

Chennai: Capacity constraints seem to be limiting the number of departures from Chennai airport during morning peak hour. The airport has the least number of peak hour departures compared to airports in other metros.
Chennai handles 48 departures between 5am and 9am every day while Bengaluru handles 68, Hyderabad 60, Mumbai 93, and Delhi 150. Kolkata handles the same number as Chennai. The airport handles around equal number of arrivals also. Majority of the flights are domestic flights.
Though the numbers are lower than other major airports, Chennai struggles with congestion during morning peak hour because of highest number of departures slotted back to back and is not able to handle more planes because of absence of space in the terminals, good taxiways, parking stands near terminal buildings and baggage handling space. Airlines prefer morning departures on domestic routes because several passengers prefer to leave on a morning flight and reach their destinations on time for business meetings and return the same day. However, the airport is not able to offer new slots. This has encouraged airlines to introduce more red eye flights, most of which are concentrated between 3.30am to 5am.
19/07/18 Times of India