Monday, July 30, 2018

Delhi, Mumbai airports busiest — for thieves, too!

Delhi and Mumbai airports, the busiest and largest in the country, also witness the most thefts seen at any of the nation's 13 major airports, together accounting for 80 per cent of the cases reported in roughly the past three-and-a-half years. In the bargain, Delhi far outstrips Mumbai with more than double the incidence of pilfering.

Parsed, the data released by the Ministry of Civil Aviation says that a total of 252 cases of thefts were reported at the 13 airports between 2015 and June 2018. Of these, 204 were reported at Delhi and Mumbai terminals — Delhi alone claiming discredit for 144 of these.

Each of the two airports easily handle more than 900 flights every day. Over last seven years, Delhi's air traffic has almost doubled. Its airport catered to more than 60 million passengers in 2017-18, while Mumbai's flew 48.5 million people last fiscal.
30/07/18 Mehul R Thakkar/DNA