Saturday, July 07, 2018

Flights disrupted due to rains

Nagpur: Visibility at Nagpur airport was hampered in the morning hours due to rains, leading to a couple of flights being diverted. After the early morning Air India flight from Delhi landed smoothly, GoAir and Indigo Airlines planes from Pune and Mumbai respectively were diverted to Hyderabad. The flights were scheduled to land in the city between 9am and 10am, said sources. Poor visibility also delayed the take-off of some of the morning flights by around an hour.
The Indigo flight hovered over Nagpur skies for some time but had to be ultimately diverted to Hyderabad.
The two planes eventually returned to Nagpur. Operations remained normal for the rest of the day.
However, the rains blocked the road leading towards the airport from Pride Hotel on Wardha Road.
Waterlogging made access to the airport itself difficult. This also prevented some of the passengers from reaching the airport in time. The passengers who could not reach in time have been offered travel in other flights on the same ticket by some of the airlines.
07/07/18 Shishir Arya/Times of India