Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Flyover for smooth flight

Calcutta: The airport authorities have proposed a flyover from the Kaikhali crossing on VIP Road to Jessore Road for smooth flow of airport-bound vehicles.
The airport is barely a kilometre away from the Kaikhali crossing but it often takes vehicles more than half an hour to cover the stretch because of traffic congestion. There have been several instances of passengers getting caught in the snarl and missing flights.
The proposed flyover will start at the Kaikhali crossing and travel to the airport via the VIP Road-Jessore Road junction near airport Gate No.1, where it will have two arms. One arm will go up to Nager Bazar and the other near airport's Adhai No. Gate on Jessore Road. Jessore Road-bound vehicles would be able to take the flyover.
10/07/18 Telegraph