Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Karipur airport: MP M K Raghavan to sit on fast

Kozhikode: Kozhikode MP M K Raghavan will sit on fast on July 12 demanding lifting the 3-year-old ban on operation of wide-bodied aircraft from the Karipur airport and reinstating the Haj embarkation point at the airport.
Addressing media at a press conference here on Monday, Raghavan said that the central government and DGCA was taking a negative approach to the airport and that he suspected a concerned move against the airport to cater to some vested interests.
He said that the on-going ban on wide- bodied aircraft had hit lakhs of expatriates hailing from Malabar who are employed in the Gulf by limiting their air- connectivity. Raghavan will sit on hunger strike for 24 hours from 9am onwards on July 12. He urged the immediate intervention by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resolve the issue.
Raghavan said that ban on operation of wide-bodied aircraft had come into effect in May 2015 when the airport runway was closed for strengthening works. "If the DGCA was not planning to allow recommencement of operations by wide-bodied aircraft, then what was the need for spending crores of rupees and spending three years in upgrading the runway of the airport,” he asked.
02/07/18 KR Rajeev