Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Low visibility leads to diversion of AI flight to New Delhi

Pune: A Pune-bound Air India flight from Mumbai via Chandigarh had to be diverted to New Delhi on Monday on account of low visibility at the Chandigarh airport, which resulted in the flight getting delayed by over 3 hours.
“The AI-813 flight was delayed as it had to be diverted to New Delhi. The reason for the diversion was low visibility at Chandigarh airport. The flight had to be stationed at New Delhi airport for some time. After receiving the go ahead, the aircraft landed at Chandigarh and continued its onward journey to Pune,” an airline official told TOI.
The flight, which was scheduled to take off from Chandigarh for Pune at 9:15am, finally took off at 12:36pm and landed here around 3:10pm.
10/07/18 Times of India