Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Missing airport passenger found 10 km away

Bengaluru: A week after having mysteriously gone missing from Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) from where he was to take a flight to Jaipur on July 10 to reach his native Debra village in Ajmer district of Rajasthan, 40-year-old tile factory labourer in Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh, Brijpal Ghoushia, was found at 2 am on Tuesday, huddled in a corner of a bus shelter in Kannamangala village. The village is 10 km from KIA, located on the west side of Bellary Road, across from the Trumpet Junction.
Two night beat constables of the Airport police who were on patrol in Kannamangala found Brijpal and reported to their police station that it was indeed the missing air passenger, much to the relief of his family members back in Jaipur as well as his colleague-cum-room mate in Chittoor, Mukesh Kumar Soni. rijpal's relatives had reportedly suspected Mukesh of having killed him before disposing of his body.
Brijpal had sustained a fracture in his leg at the Chittoor tile factory, and the leg was in plaster. Doctors had advised him complete rest so he preferred returning home. But unable to travel by train with a plastered leg, a relative booked him on a flight to Jaipur for July 10. Mukesh accompanied Brijpal to KIA and left after ensuring that he entered the departure terminal.
But he did not suspect things would go wrong. Having never visited an airport before, leave alone take a flight, Brijpal told The New Indian Express he did not want to fly. But still, when he approached the check-in counter, he was asked to produce a medical certificate for his leg injury. He did not have one and was turned away by the Indigo Airlines officials, before Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel showed him the door, he claimed.
It was then that Brijpal, distressed over his injury, chose to take a bus from the airport. Assuming that it will be going to Bengaluru, he boarded it, but the bus headed the other way — towards Kannamangala, where he spent a week without a mobile phone and no way to contact anyone, until he was found in the wee hours of Tuesday.
18/07/18 New Indian Express