Thursday, July 12, 2018

National Aeronautics Laboratories should drop Saras project, develop 70-seater regional jet: Ex-HAL chief

Kochi: The National Aeronautics Laboratories (NAL) should drop the Saras project, the plan to develop a 14-seater indigenous multi-purpose civilian aircraft, and concentrate on developing a 70-seater regional jet aircraft, said Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) former chairman C G Krishnadas Nair here on Wednesday.
“Saras is an outdated project, whereas a much-advanced 17-seater aircraft is being developed under the Make in India project in Kanpur. There won’t be any takers for Saras. Instead, NAL should join hands with HAL and leverage its experience and capabilities to develop the 70 -seater regional jet,” Nair, who arrived  in Kochi to participate in the three-day Aviation Innovation Exposition and Workshop told ‘Express’.

“HAL acquired the capability to develop passenger aircraft decades ago and we had a proposal to develop a 110-seater aircraft. But we were prevented from entering the passenger aircraft development sector and asked to concentrate on defence projects,” said Nair.
12/07/18 Manoj Viswanathan/New Indian Express