Sunday, July 15, 2018

NRI claims jewellery missing during transit

New Delhi: An NRI, who came to India to attend a wedding on an Air India flight from London to Varanasi via Delhi, has claimed that he lost jewellery worth Rs 5 lakh from his travel baggage. He lodged a police complaint in Varanasi. The Uttar Pradesh police has asked the Delhi airport to provide CCTV footages for further investigation.

The NRI alleged that Air India and concerned authorities have not provided them CCTV footages despite several attempts being made in the last 35 days. The NRI said that his jewellery had gone missing from his bag which had been handed over during flight check-in. On June 7, the complainant, Raghav Pandey, and his family boarded Air India flight for Delhi from Heathrow airport.

On June 8, they reached the Delhi airport and boarded another Air India flight for Varanasi and their luggage was carried in the same flight for Varanasi. “When I reached Varanasi airport at afternoon and opened my luggage, I found that our jewellery worth Rs 5 lakh was missing. I immediately lodged a police complaint in Varanasi and also took this matter to the concerned airline. I also visited the Varanasi airport, where I saw the CCTV footage, with the permission of airport agencies,” he said. The Varanasi police were clueless after scanning the CCTV images of the airport.
15/07/18 Sunil Thapliyil/Asian Age