Thursday, July 12, 2018

Planning a wedding? This airport building is being offered as a venue for cultural events and film shoots

Airport on rent for weddings and film shoots! The old terminal of the Vadodara airport has been put up for hire by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) almost two years after Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new integrated terminal. According to an IE report, officials stated that the old building, which is set to be demolished, is being put to use till the time the process of demolition is completed. Charan Singh, Director of Vadodara airport was quoted in the report saying that as the AAI is waiting for the central government to process the demolition proposal, the decision has been taken to rent out four locations within the premises of the old terminal.

Singh said that the design of the old terminal building of the airport is such that it came in the way of the operational area. He informed that a runway should have a surrounding area of 150 metres, free from obstructions and now that the new terminal is operational, the airport has decided to demolish the building in order to free up space. He further said that the demolition proposal is pending before the headquarters and it will take two years for the demolition of the building to be completed. Until then, the airport is renting out 4 venues. The building was rented out for a Garba event as well as for a film shoot recently. Also, the airport has received its first booking for a wedding in February 2019, he added.

According to the report, the rates for the four venues have been fixed by the airport authorities. The Director of the airport was quoted in the report saying that the venues can be provided on rental basis either for a monthly fee or for single events. For an outer space of 10,000 sqm, the airport has fixed Rs 222/sqm per month. For the non-AC hall, which is inside the terminal building and is about 1,300 sqm, the airport has fixed Rs 780/sqm per month. The airport also has one open-air property of 1 lakh sqm as well as another open venue of 10,000 sqm near the airport circle. The rent for single events is calculated on pro-rata basis.
12/07/18 Devanjana Nag/Financial Express