Thursday, July 05, 2018

Taiwan protests name change on Air India's website

Taipei: Taiwan has lodged a protest with Air India over its recent decision to change the country's designation to Chinese Taipei and has requested that its proper name be restored, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said Thursday.
MOFA spokesman Andrew Lee (李憲章) said the ministry has asked its representative office in New Delhi to file a protest with Air India, following the name change on the airline's official website in late June.
The Taiwan representative office has also urged the ministries of external affairs and civil aviation in India not to allow "political meddling by foreign governments in the independent operations of Indian enterprises," Lee said.
MOFA will continue to closely follow the developments on the issue in order to safeguard "the independent sovereignty and dignity of our country," he said.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for Air India declined to comment on the issue, saying only that the name change from Taiwan to Chinese Taipei was approved by India's foreign ministry.
05/07/18 Focus Taiwan